House Rules


Experiences and Progression

On the first of every month, each player is given 2 Experiences. These experiences are added to the starting exp for new characters entering the game. Players may earn up to 3 more Experiences every month (for a total of 5 Experiences per month) by accruing beats. Once a month is over, Experiences for that month can no longer be earned.

Beats Rolling Over

Make sure to: Keep track of your beats on your sheet (the amount of Beats you currently have toward your next Experience) as well as on your beat tracker. This is important because you always retain your current beats, but your Experiences function on a by-month basis, as stated above.

For example: If you have 4 out of 5 beats in November and it becomes December, you've lost out an Experience for November. But, you still have 4 out of 5 beats toward your next Experience, regardless of when you took those beats. When you earn your next beat, it will simply go toward your December Experiences.

As well, your beats roll over into upcoming months. If you earn more beats in November than the maximum, you can begin recording them toward your December Experiences, but you won't actually get those Experiences until December begins. In this way, a player can sort of pre-earn Experiences if that so happens. This allows for a more flexible player schedule in a 24/7 format: if someone can play a lot and engage in meaningful stories (past the Experience cap) in one month, but not the next, they don't lose out on the Experiences they've earned.

All requests for scenes, experience expenditure, and so on, will be sent to You may also send your character sheet to this e-mail for sanctioning.


  • We will be using the Kickstarter preview manuscripts until the official 2nd edition book is released.
  • New Merit: Dual Kith (●●●) Your changeling has an additional kith. This can be reflective of her initial change, or added later, via appropriate means.
  • Drinking a can of Summit Ginger Ale adds +1 to your next resistance roll against a Clarity attack.


All other characters receive their Supernatural Tolerance as Withstand.



House Rules

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