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This chronicle is about diversity, dichotomy, similarities, and differences. It's about independence vs. interdependence, sovereignty vs. subordination, individuality vs. community, and ultimately, us vs. them. This is a game about boundaries. This is a game of communities existing, with their own complexities, strengths, and problems, side by side with other communities (with their own complexities, strengths, and problems). Our story will follow their inability to ignore one another, whether or not they try to. New Jersey seems mild on the surface. It's the place where people move to be nearer to other, more exciting things, but come home to somewhere safe and mild. You could easily make day trips to Philadelphia or New York, a weekend trip to DC, Boston, Baltimore, and so on. It has four seasons, but safe, mild weather; it has several well-loved beaches; it has cities, suburbs, parks, wilderness, and so on. But beneath that surface, New Jersey has old wounds, and they're still bleeding. In this story, we'll see the consequences of that for each community. Some are closer to passing out than others. The status quo means different problems and advantages depending on who you talk to, and which outweighs the other is just as subjective. This is a place for you to bring your unique voice to the table, speak with all the other voices, and see how it goes.

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